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This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Blog Challenge Day .

 —Today’s challenge–Imagine you are on a long holiday in Portugal (or wherever your dream destination is). There are castles to explore, secret bars to discover, and sunny beaches to laze around on. In today’s post, I want you to write about how you will balance your adventure and work while you are away on this holiday.

What Location Independence Means To Me: Past Goals & Experiences

I am a mother of a six-year old boy, Xavier. When Xavier was born I was working as a Special Education Teacher and running my own commercial cleaning business. I was working seven days-a-week. My family had to relocate, which meant I no longer had my commercial cleaning accounts. I did however, continue teaching. By 2013-Xavier started modeling in NYC. We had to commute from Maryland to NYC often. So often, I put in my two-weeks notice, so I could take him to auditions and jobs. At first the commute didn’t bother us, but those 7 am call-times made it difficult to travel because we were having to wake up in the wee hours of the morning and by the time we hit NYC the traffic was ferocious. 

My goal was to find location independent employment for myself, so we could have the money to acquire a base in or near NYC. I lived a ferry-ride away from NYC before Xavier was born and loved it. That’s what I had envisioned for us to be able to do.

My goal wasn’t so much that I wanted Xavier to be a model, or actor; but, to have him incorporate an enjoyable and lucrative career at such a young age. It was more about the enriching his experiences from day one. I want him to inherently know how to live combining: work, play, travel, adventure backed with graciousness, awareness, and spiritual-knowingness that we are here to share our gifts, as well as assist and be kind to others.

Freedom Lifestyle Model for My Son

Since Xavier was born I combined learning during every opportunity imaginable. Traveling, outdoors, indoors, waiting rooms–you name it I take advantage. Xavier is highly-adaptable and learns things rapidly. He began reading by two and reads fluently at a fifth-grade level. With my yearning and determination to demonstrate the cohesiveness of combining a lifestyle full of valuable and rich experiences and opportunities, I chose to homeschool Xavier. I was naturally doing it since he was born, that’s what made it an obvious choice. The flexibility of work, travel, and freedom combined with a quality education is what I chose.

Solidifying, Believing, and Attaining Dreams Is Possible

Fast-forward three years and I have yet to actualize living near New York. I still desire to have a base near NYC, as well as a home in south Florida. I would love for my family to live near the water and have access to beaches, golf, tennis, boating, etc. 

The remarkable thing about this 10 Day Freedom Blog Challenge is it has rekindled and solidified my core intention. It has set a fire of inspiration and aspiration to achieve my vision for this life. The challenge has given me confidence that what I desire is not only doable, but attainable.

Stumbling Upon My Tribe

I’ve always felt like a fish-out-of-water, but not anymore. I feel supported and confident just by having found Natalie and the challenge. When I heard her say the words lifestyle entrepreneur and the way she explained how she can’t sit still in one place–I knew I was home! 

Legacy and Future Generations

It’s amazing how life prepares us for the journey ahead. I live a minimalist lifestyle. I found I stopped desiring material items and longed for a life of substance. The intangible things, the experiences are far more impacting. After my father passed away, I realized all the love he had for me and life in general. He was a naturalist and after his passing I realized just how much of the truth he knew. He loved the outdoors and nature was his playground. I aspire to carry on his legacy and atone for the parts he couldn’t quite master. I intend to do this with finesse and graciousness and pass it on to my son. 

My Steps to Location Independence and Freedom in Life

  1. Continue daily inspired writing blog and post.
  2. Seek adventure, photograph, video, and share on social media.
  3. Decide on minimal amount of candles to release; photograph images, upload to web-site.
  4. Explore other facets of marketing my lifestyle. Make impacting, inspired contributions. Sharing my life and journey help not only myself and immediately family, but have impacting implications for others that I can help monetarily, but inspiring them to have faith in their dreams and take action. 
  5. No matter where I’m at in the world, I can make exploration a part of my business. My goal is to continue to breath life into my business. My life is my business. My journey is my business. I hope to inspire through my artistry: writing, photographs, videos, blogs, books, journals, public speaking, as well as having a physical product line of premiere and exclusive candles–inspired through van Gogh
  6. Have the confidence and know I can achieve this!!!!!!!!!!! I am doing this!!!!!!!!!!! Stop being the paralyzed and perfectionist and get ‘er done!






VINSCENT VAN GLO~ Choosing Adventure✈️


VVG | Adventure

Day 8 Challenge: Like I said, today is a fun day. So I want you to go out and do something that you’ve wanted to do for a long time. Go out play, enjoy, and come back and write about what you did. Also, write about how you can make such adventures part of your new lifestyle.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 8.

“Life is a blank canvas, and you need to throw all the paint on it you can.”
Danny Kaye

 Meet Mr. Adventure       adv

Yes, that’s right, Mr. Adventure… The simple act of walking down the street becomes an adventure when your with this guy–Xavier. Xavier is my six-year old son. Xavier and I started our day-like most days-which is when his eyes open, he’s ready for the day. I, however have a slightly different experience when I first open my eyes and that is easing into my day. Yeah ease… You heard me… I’d choose easy like Sunday morning, every day if I could. But like I said with this guy…

The Minimalist Hoarder

Today, I woke up with energy. I took advantage of this energy and completed a task I’ve allowed procrastination to handle, going on several months now. I am a minimalist and I hate clutter; however, one look into spare bedroom and you would have signed me up for Extreme Hoarders. I started several months ago an attempt to sort through photographs and file them by time periods. Once sorted into proper categories, I would attempt to place them in proper photo albums.

Several years ago, my parents lost their entire home, due to a hurricane and a rare occurrence which caused the water to recede its’ banks by 14 feet. The home appeared to have experienced the damage of a powerful tidal wave. Due to this flood, a lot was lost including photographs. There were some photos that were salvaged miraculously and that’s how they ended up as one huge pile.

Transparent Putty Project

I finally have them all sorted and after I had completed the task hours later, Xavier and I went to purchase several bottles of clear glue. Xavier’s intended project is to show his two friends how to make transparent putty. When we got home, Xavier went to tell his friends he purchased the glue for them to make the putty. The putty project went quickly and they were all happy with their creations and I was happy nobody was wearing it; so it was on to the next project.

But Wait There’s More…

The next project involved mixing plaster in a huge bucket and pouring it into molds. After it hardens-the shape gets painted. Good luck with trying to harden clay with three boys around. Two of the molds hardened, the other was cracked into a million pieces. The finished project: two bejeweled stepping stones. It’s always funny to see boys out painting floral stepping stones with bright, shiny added jewels.

After running around and using the floral stepping stones as Captain America shields, it was time to play Minecraft. They played Minecraft for about an hour and the adventure didn’t end there. Two of the girls next door were leaving and invited Xavier to go to Party City to purchase Halloween items and wouldn’t you know Xavier comes home with a proper Captain America shield.

Never an Ordinary Day with Mr. Adventure

This is just an average day of adventure without having any proper plans in place. Adventure to me encompasses the spirit and no matter what the task, if it’s done with vigor, enjoyment, excitement, laughter, creativity, play, loving gratitude; it constitutes being an adventurous spirit. Yes, even sorting through old photographs can be adventurous-it just took me several months to figure it out.






VINSCENT VAN GLO~Small Imperfect Actions are Steps In Right Direction 👣



Today’s challenge–pick one imperfect action that you can take every day that will move you closer to the life you have envisioned. Pick that one imperfect action and write a post about why you chose the particular action and what you imagine it will be like if you do it every day for the next 30 days.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Blog Challenge Day 7.


blog-challenge-badge-12dandy“It is only imperfection that complains of what is imperfect. The more perfect we are, the more gentle and quiet we become towards the defects of others.”-Joseph Addison

Stopping Self-Judgement…

The above quote by Joseph Addison has long been a favorite quote of mine… I immediately thought of it, while undertaking today’s blog post challenge… For eight years, I worked as a special education instructor. This quote is always something I adhered to and always imparted to my students, not so much as a quote, but as the way I modeled the climate in my classroom. To create a non-judgemental place where students could learn regardless of their abilities. A lot of my students couldn’t read or write, but they could remember. There is always a strength in spite of every weakness and I used whatever I could to build the students’ fragile self-esteems.

As I ponder today’s blog challenge and think back over what has held me back from creating the life of freedom that I so desire. I have had this want to create a website, blog, and product since 2010 when the idea came to me to create a site based on my lifestyle and philosophy. The year is 2016 and I have worked through the years testing products, writing business plans, ordering materials, creating designs. Overall, aspiring to develop the perfect plan, site, and product. Here I sit 6 1/2 later without having my development out in the marketplace. Why? Perfection. Plain and simple. Nothing ever felt right, never felt cohesive, never felt fully developed. Why? Because it’s not and it may never be. It’s called progress, Legh. Duh! I always make an excuse: whether it be money, or put myself down saying my idea isn’t good enough, or maybe I lose my drive and motivation-pretty much because I’ve been holding myself back.

Moving Forward

Six weeks ago, I started really re-evaluating myself and attempting to move forward in all areas of my life because I feel I’ve been stagnate for too long. My son will be seven in October and I want more for us. More experiences-not things-but more outlets to express ourselves. I want it now, not in another seven years. I re-started Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Challenge. I’ve always made it to week 8 out of 12 and never have finished the full three-month challenge. I’m on my seventh week and I not stopping this time. I have momentum, discipline, and follow-through. I already have a pretty good body. That I can say. I’ve always been thin and active, but I questioned myself. How many areas of my life do I want to continue to coast? Well, I don’t. If I just put in some effort I could really sky-rocket to the next level with small and consistent effort.

Small & Consistent Actionimage

Small and consistent effort is exactly what this 10 Day Blog Challenge has done for me. I love writing, so why not just do it? I created a Word Press site and started writing. No, everything isn’t perfect; but, I’m accomplishing something I’ve wanted for so many years. Just as I have kick-started my momentum with finishing the full three months for the BBG challenge; I intend to keep writing and keep posting daily and allow the momentum to carry me. In addition to my blog post, I’m going to set up my web-site with a few products it doesn’t have to be the full-range of candles, doesn’t have to have the perfect packaging; but, I can get it out there. Thank you, I can’t say it enough–thank you for this blog challenge.  

I can finally take the imperfection quote above and use it as self-actualization. I’ve always had this mindset toward others and helping others to explore and appreciate their unique gifts. I’m now going to nurture myself and stop being so critical of what I can accomplish. It’s like learning how to walk all over again. One-step-at-a-time and never give up. 

Harvest Moon

According to weather stories on MSN

A beautiful “harvest” full moon will rise in the eastern sky Friday evening.

The harvest moon is the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox, which this year comes next Thursday Sept. 22. It’s different from other full moons because it rises at roughly the same time for several nights running, giving more light. 

With each changing season, it’s a wonderful time to reflect and evaluate what season your life is in? I always love the changing seasons, as it opens up awareness and an opportunity to be thankful for each day that unfolds. The seasonal changes, make us mindful of theStarry Night by Van Gogh variety of foods, activities, and how nature  is affected during the whatever season is approaching. With the harvest moon, it brings me to this famous image painted by Van Gogh and reminds me of how grateful I am to live with so much opportunity and that I must seize every chance I can for my family and others. I feel the changing season and VVG Art Ascention is coming soon!

                           COMING SOON! VVG CANDLE COLLECTION


VINSCENT VAN GLO~ Tribe Vibes. ✌🏼

Tribe Vibes.


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 6

Day 6 Challenge: Find 1 or 2 people who are living the kind of life you want to live, and whose tribe you’d love to be part of. Then write a short post about why you find them inspiring and the one question you would ask them if you met in real life.

Imagine All the People…

There are so many people I admire and look up to. Just the other day in my blog post about defining my superheroes, I mentioned that I often have a hard time zeroing in my scope. I think I’m understanding that this is where I’m really struggling. I admit I’m such a beatlesspiritual, oneness-hippie that I have an extremely difficult time defining and narrowing in on choices. I often feel like I have so much to offer and I have a difficult time translating this into the world. I have a John Lennon spirit, but have kept myself in a fish bowl.

I don’t just want to live as a visionary, I want to get out there and have lively experiences. I want to be expansive and speak, create, be GREAT!


I have to really try and think of whom I would choose as a mentor.  I have to think back when I was 16 and I read my first Marianne Williamson book- A Return to Love. It was the summer and I was living in Tokyo and I had traveled with the book. I remember picking it up and trying to read it several times that summer. I was busy and having to attend auditions for modeling, so didn’t have a lot of time to engross myself in it. It was an abstract read for me at the time and I didn’t finish it that summer. A couple months went by and I picked the book up again. Bam!! I felt like whatever life experiences I had gone through had prepared my spirit to absorb all the book had to offer. I absolutely loved it and resonated with Mariannes’ precious writing.

My mom and I met Marianne Williamson at Unity Church. She had a book signing and she signed a book for my mom and I. She told my mom and I we should do commercials. Commercials for soap, like Dove because our complexions were so soft and clean. I haven’t really thought about meeting her  for a very long time and this is actually stirs a joyful memory for me because it takes me to a time when my mother and I were best friends. It’s  a very pleasant memory and one I cherish, as I’ve recollected…

I would love to have Marianne as my mentor because she’s a visionary with purpose. She is an acclaimed author, spiritual teacher, and leader. All of which I admire. I would love to have a tglobal tribe and lead as she does just-purpose, cause, and mission. 

Marriane, Houston, Beyoncé & Twerk Werk for Introverts…

Marianne is also a former Houstonian (guess I should give a shout-out to Beyoncé too) and a mother; I think it’s a sign… Marianne you’re destined to be my mentor…😇 I’ll go ahead and let you start your mentorship, as I think I’ve put in a lifetime of shrinking, as stated in the quote below. It’s time for this introvert–to assert! I guess Beyoncé could help me assert my twerk… You out there girl? H-Town. Yeah-sometimes I go a little off course-all in good fun… marianne

Part of the blog post challenge for the day is to think of two questions you would ask the person you choose as your mentor. I need focus and a platform to express what I feel in my spirit. I often feel alone, like nobody gets me; sometimes not even myself. I would ask Marianee to give me a kick in the ass and point me in a direction. That’s what I need. Go ahead Marianne-give me the boot and show me a direction! Hey, and as a double-whammie–a kick in the butt, could help my twerk–No?  Sorry, enough=as if society isn’t over-saturated enough with terrible twerkers.

Take Me to Church…

I attend a church called the Universal Church of Absolute Oneness. The churchs’ philosophy is: a spiritual community that honors all paths to God and the universality of the world’s scriptures and spiritual traditions. These traditions include the mystical teachings of Jesus, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Judaism, and others. Swami Nityananda is another inspiration to me. She lives the ideals I believe in. I have been a part of this community for two years and I adore her and the church community. The meditation subjects are: immensely practical, they provide scriptures and ways to directly apply these teachings in life. Swami Nityananda teaching is entertaining, as well. She is always light-hearted and delivers with humor and grace. She too, is a spiritual leader, published author, as well as a college professor. 

I have been attending this church-as I stated for two years- and hardly ever miss a Sunday. I did not attend this summer, due to the children’s church being off and I have been traveling and never have a sitter. Fall is here and I can not wait to get back. There are many ways in which I need to become more active in the church. I am so introverted I don’t always take part, or take an active role in a lot of areas. I like to sit back and be the silent spectator. I can no longer afford to live my life in such a way. Again, I must come out of my shell. I must stop living as Legh the quiet, shy girl and step into the forefront. I’m easy-going and funny to be around, I just have some reservations in areas where I know I need to be free; but, with Mariannes’ kick-in-the-butt that should loosen up those stagnate areas!! 

Natalie-The Suitcase Entrepreneur…

Me-Legh- The Nutcase Entrepreneur… Maybe?

Yes, my Flash glasses are Upside down…

Anyone over at Natalie’s office–Natalie–if ya wanna give me a kick feel free too, as well!! I can’t say enough about this awesome challenge and the space and clarity it’s giving me-as one who loves writing; it’s allowing me to open up–you know blossom like a lotus-in Bali– through the muddy waters. Yeah, some free one-to-one coaching would be a nice perk, but until then I’ll stay steadfast with the four remaining blog challenges and keep going through all of the awesome resources on The Suitcase Entrepreneur. Thank you so much!!

Also, would like to say thank you to your community and all the participants in the 10 Day Blog Challenge. It’s been fun and inspiring to read various posts, different businesses, and lifestyles. Great job to you all!


PEACE Vibes…



VINSCENT VAN GLO-Daily Habits for Success ☑️

Daily Habits for Success–

Just Ask the Prez…

And Let’s not forget to schedule in one silly-selfie-a-day… My silly 6-year old, Xavier.
This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 5

I am a HUGE Tony Robbins fan, so I have set up my Categories of Improvement. Those categories are as follows:

  • Yoga Life-Morning Meditation/Motivation/Prayer
  • Bikini Body
  • Energetic Entrepreneur/Teacher
  • Modern Minimalist
  • Fun & Freedom
  • Family Bonds

My Daily Schedule is as Follows:

6:00-7:00       Wake-Up and go outside. I have a tree house that has an outdoor deck. I sit outside and meditate during this hour. I don’t put a strict time on myself, but sit in silence and allow myself to acclimate to the sunrise, the natural sounds, and the weather. If it’s cold, or raining I sit inside with the door propped open to get some of the outdoors because it’s almost mandatory I start my day this way.

7:00-8:00        My six-year old-the prez- awakens at seven o’clock. I prepare him a quick breakfast-

Xavier the Prez Follows Daily Grind with A Smile…
I’m no Martha Stewart-so I do mean quick. He eats and has this hour to wake-up, get dressed and prepare for the day. He’s pretty much self-sufficient during this hour. During this hour, I’m already dressed and sitting in my office prepared for the school-day. I homeschool Xavier.


8:00-12:00        School Lessons-He will resume studies October 1st, so I will know his exact schedule when we start again. Will add and be more specific for scheduling here. I do look and plan his lessons over the weekend. We use K12 curriculum and he has an instructor we work with, so I’m not having to come up with a whole lot of curriculum. I do, however have resources I pull from and he and I do a ton of extra reading-aside from the curriculum.

12:00-1:00          Lunch Break/Play Outside/Exercise/Free-Time

1:00-2:30             Finish up Lessons, Etc.

2:30-3:30             My Time–I will utilize this time to continue to blog and write for site.

3:30-4:30              Work-Out–I do Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Work-Out/or Hot Yoga

4:30 and beyond… PARTY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not literally. This is sort of a loose Daily Schedule. I am in the process of re-structuring and reorganizing my life, so I will see what I can do to re-arrange my schedule. I know that last year Xavier was actually modeling a ton and we were constantly on the go; so, truthfully I know how to accomplish a touch-and-go schedule. If it means bringing computer, books, etc. everywhere that’s what we do.

Hey, Im not gonna lie after I typed out this schedule, I actually became a little concerned because I wasn’t feeling a whole lotta freedom, or fun in there. So, I think it’s important to note that this is a bare-bones schedule and I do want to have time for adventure.

I am interested in the Pomodora Method, which I will definitely look into. Another interesting point is I like to teach Xavier by example and I want him to understand life is about living and business doesn’t have to function separately from our actual lives. That’s what we do. He is also interesting in starting a YouTube channel, etc. We have alotta stuff to do. I will most definitely re-visit this post and see if I can add any details or insights that I haven’t included.

11:20                 This workin’ mamma is gonna kick her feet up and try and relax, as I’ve literally been on the go all day long… But life is good and Ima stick to this challenge no matter what. Two Snaps and a Twist. I’m out til tomorrow





VINSCENT VAN GLO~Unlocking My Superpowers👊🏻

Unlocking My Superpowers Day 4

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Blog Challenge Day 4.

“When your desires are strong enough you will appear to possess superhuman powers to achieve.” –Napoleon Hill

Have No Fear…

There isn’t a day that goes by that my six-year son doesn’t ask, “Mom who’s your favorite superhero?” My response, “you know I don’t have favorites.” It’s too hard for me to wwunderooschoose. I think all characters are interesting and therefore, I can’t choose just one…” “Well, mom when you were little who was your favorite character?” “Well, I did watch Hulk the TV show, so I guess I liked Hulk. There were also these things called Underoos, which were underwear sets designed to mimic the costumes of superheroes. I refused to wear the girl costumes and chose the Spider-Man Underoos. So, if I were to choose my favorite superheroes, I would choose Hulk and Spider-Man.”

My son is actually on to something. I find I do have a hard time in defining and pinpointing my preferences into a narrow-scope. I like to think of myself as broad, open-minded, and accepting; however, this can actually be debilitating to a degree. I can see how over the past few years, I have been complacent in several areas of my life. Instead of going after the life I want with precision and accuracy; I have accepted survival and mediocrity as modes to shield me from my greatness. Participating in The 10 Day Freedom Blog Challenge is allowing me to bring my authenticity out in the forefront and reassures me I have nothing to fear. There is absolutely no reason for me to subdue or conceal my superpowers any longer. I must be willing to take chances and harness my greatness in the name of Freedom.

A Day In the Park

The two photos above are of my son, Xavier– aka Spider-Man… One sunny and extremely hot day, we decide to go to the park. Xavier insists on wearing his Spider-Man costume with mask included to the park. I personally thought it to be a bad idea. Why? It was extremely hot outside and the costume includes extra padding–so that the chest muscles protrude–making it a hot, sweaty, miserable choice of clothing. The mask, well again hot. Of course, I didn’t want him to over-heat and not enjoy his time at the park. Lastly, Xavier always plays with a variety of kids at the park; children of all ages. My opinion was the older kids may not take so kindly to Boy Wonder running around in a Spidey suit and the younger kids may be frightened at such a sight. I allowed him the freedom of choice and so he wore the costume.

Boy, did I have it all wrong. Miraculously, kids are resilient and the heat proved to be no object for this Amazing Web Slinger. Kids of all ages flocked to him and he was every parents dream, as he entertained and played freely about with all the kids. As seen in the above photo, Spidey had no problem luring a much older Mary-Jane into his playful- web, as they perfected their climbing abilities. Hilarious!

Exactly How Does A Day In the Park Have Anything to do with my Superpowers?

Yeah, I admit it–I was dead-wrong in my opinion; but, my ability to admit fault, laugh, and draw upon my son’s knowingness at such a young age– SUPERCHARGE my energy consistently. Xavier inspires me to be open, be accepting, and to let go when I need to. Furthermore, he supercharges me to actively step outside of myself in order to experience fresh perspectives, be more action-oriented in going after achievements, aspires me to natural creativity, and demonstrates to me that I should be fiercely confident in my choices. As I orient consciously to this lifestyle of Freedom, may my life imitate art–and may I one day be as carefree, funny, and confident as Cameron Diaz shaking her tail-feather in you guessed it–Spidey Underoos!


                                                                                   Wanna See My Super-Moves?

                                                                                                                 Stay Tuned…







VINSCENT VAN GLO ~Art Ascention~ A distincive and premiere candle collection inpsired through the artistry of Vincent van Gogh.