VINSCENT VAN GLO~Unlocking My Superpowers👊🏻

Unlocking My Superpowers Day 4

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Blog Challenge Day 4.

“When your desires are strong enough you will appear to possess superhuman powers to achieve.” –Napoleon Hill

Have No Fear…

There isn’t a day that goes by that my six-year son doesn’t ask, “Mom who’s your favorite superhero?” My response, “you know I don’t have favorites.” It’s too hard for me to wwunderooschoose. I think all characters are interesting and therefore, I can’t choose just one…” “Well, mom when you were little who was your favorite character?” “Well, I did watch Hulk the TV show, so I guess I liked Hulk. There were also these things called Underoos, which were underwear sets designed to mimic the costumes of superheroes. I refused to wear the girl costumes and chose the Spider-Man Underoos. So, if I were to choose my favorite superheroes, I would choose Hulk and Spider-Man.”

My son is actually on to something. I find I do have a hard time in defining and pinpointing my preferences into a narrow-scope. I like to think of myself as broad, open-minded, and accepting; however, this can actually be debilitating to a degree. I can see how over the past few years, I have been complacent in several areas of my life. Instead of going after the life I want with precision and accuracy; I have accepted survival and mediocrity as modes to shield me from my greatness. Participating in The 10 Day Freedom Blog Challenge is allowing me to bring my authenticity out in the forefront and reassures me I have nothing to fear. There is absolutely no reason for me to subdue or conceal my superpowers any longer. I must be willing to take chances and harness my greatness in the name of Freedom.

A Day In the Park

The two photos above are of my son, Xavier– aka Spider-Man… One sunny and extremely hot day, we decide to go to the park. Xavier insists on wearing his Spider-Man costume with mask included to the park. I personally thought it to be a bad idea. Why? It was extremely hot outside and the costume includes extra padding–so that the chest muscles protrude–making it a hot, sweaty, miserable choice of clothing. The mask, well again hot. Of course, I didn’t want him to over-heat and not enjoy his time at the park. Lastly, Xavier always plays with a variety of kids at the park; children of all ages. My opinion was the older kids may not take so kindly to Boy Wonder running around in a Spidey suit and the younger kids may be frightened at such a sight. I allowed him the freedom of choice and so he wore the costume.

Boy, did I have it all wrong. Miraculously, kids are resilient and the heat proved to be no object for this Amazing Web Slinger. Kids of all ages flocked to him and he was every parents dream, as he entertained and played freely about with all the kids. As seen in the above photo, Spidey had no problem luring a much older Mary-Jane into his playful- web, as they perfected their climbing abilities. Hilarious!

Exactly How Does A Day In the Park Have Anything to do with my Superpowers?

Yeah, I admit it–I was dead-wrong in my opinion; but, my ability to admit fault, laugh, and draw upon my son’s knowingness at such a young age– SUPERCHARGE my energy consistently. Xavier inspires me to be open, be accepting, and to let go when I need to. Furthermore, he supercharges me to actively step outside of myself in order to experience fresh perspectives, be more action-oriented in going after achievements, aspires me to natural creativity, and demonstrates to me that I should be fiercely confident in my choices. As I orient consciously to this lifestyle of Freedom, may my life imitate art–and may I one day be as carefree, funny, and confident as Cameron Diaz shaking her tail-feather in you guessed it–Spidey Underoos!


                                                                                   Wanna See My Super-Moves?

                                                                                                                 Stay Tuned…








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