VINSCENT VAN GLO~ Tribe Vibes. ✌🏼

Tribe Vibes.


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 6

Day 6 Challenge: Find 1 or 2 people who are living the kind of life you want to live, and whose tribe you’d love to be part of. Then write a short post about why you find them inspiring and the one question you would ask them if you met in real life.

Imagine All the People…

There are so many people I admire and look up to. Just the other day in my blog post about defining my superheroes, I mentioned that I often have a hard time zeroing in my scope. I think I’m understanding that this is where I’m really struggling. I admit I’m such a beatlesspiritual, oneness-hippie that I have an extremely difficult time defining and narrowing in on choices. I often feel like I have so much to offer and I have a difficult time translating this into the world. I have a John Lennon spirit, but have kept myself in a fish bowl.

I don’t just want to live as a visionary, I want to get out there and have lively experiences. I want to be expansive and speak, create, be GREAT!


I have to really try and think of whom I would choose as a mentor.  I have to think back when I was 16 and I read my first Marianne Williamson book- A Return to Love. It was the summer and I was living in Tokyo and I had traveled with the book. I remember picking it up and trying to read it several times that summer. I was busy and having to attend auditions for modeling, so didn’t have a lot of time to engross myself in it. It was an abstract read for me at the time and I didn’t finish it that summer. A couple months went by and I picked the book up again. Bam!! I felt like whatever life experiences I had gone through had prepared my spirit to absorb all the book had to offer. I absolutely loved it and resonated with Mariannes’ precious writing.

My mom and I met Marianne Williamson at Unity Church. She had a book signing and she signed a book for my mom and I. She told my mom and I we should do commercials. Commercials for soap, like Dove because our complexions were so soft and clean. I haven’t really thought about meeting her  for a very long time and this is actually stirs a joyful memory for me because it takes me to a time when my mother and I were best friends. It’s  a very pleasant memory and one I cherish, as I’ve recollected…

I would love to have Marianne as my mentor because she’s a visionary with purpose. She is an acclaimed author, spiritual teacher, and leader. All of which I admire. I would love to have a tglobal tribe and lead as she does just-purpose, cause, and mission. 

Marriane, Houston, Beyoncé & Twerk Werk for Introverts…

Marianne is also a former Houstonian (guess I should give a shout-out to Beyoncé too) and a mother; I think it’s a sign… Marianne you’re destined to be my mentor…😇 I’ll go ahead and let you start your mentorship, as I think I’ve put in a lifetime of shrinking, as stated in the quote below. It’s time for this introvert–to assert! I guess Beyoncé could help me assert my twerk… You out there girl? H-Town. Yeah-sometimes I go a little off course-all in good fun… marianne

Part of the blog post challenge for the day is to think of two questions you would ask the person you choose as your mentor. I need focus and a platform to express what I feel in my spirit. I often feel alone, like nobody gets me; sometimes not even myself. I would ask Marianee to give me a kick in the ass and point me in a direction. That’s what I need. Go ahead Marianne-give me the boot and show me a direction! Hey, and as a double-whammie–a kick in the butt, could help my twerk–No?  Sorry, enough=as if society isn’t over-saturated enough with terrible twerkers.

Take Me to Church…

I attend a church called the Universal Church of Absolute Oneness. The churchs’ philosophy is: a spiritual community that honors all paths to God and the universality of the world’s scriptures and spiritual traditions. These traditions include the mystical teachings of Jesus, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Judaism, and others. Swami Nityananda is another inspiration to me. She lives the ideals I believe in. I have been a part of this community for two years and I adore her and the church community. The meditation subjects are: immensely practical, they provide scriptures and ways to directly apply these teachings in life. Swami Nityananda teaching is entertaining, as well. She is always light-hearted and delivers with humor and grace. She too, is a spiritual leader, published author, as well as a college professor. 

I have been attending this church-as I stated for two years- and hardly ever miss a Sunday. I did not attend this summer, due to the children’s church being off and I have been traveling and never have a sitter. Fall is here and I can not wait to get back. There are many ways in which I need to become more active in the church. I am so introverted I don’t always take part, or take an active role in a lot of areas. I like to sit back and be the silent spectator. I can no longer afford to live my life in such a way. Again, I must come out of my shell. I must stop living as Legh the quiet, shy girl and step into the forefront. I’m easy-going and funny to be around, I just have some reservations in areas where I know I need to be free; but, with Mariannes’ kick-in-the-butt that should loosen up those stagnate areas!! 

Natalie-The Suitcase Entrepreneur…

Me-Legh- The Nutcase Entrepreneur… Maybe?

Yes, my Flash glasses are Upside down…

Anyone over at Natalie’s office–Natalie–if ya wanna give me a kick feel free too, as well!! I can’t say enough about this awesome challenge and the space and clarity it’s giving me-as one who loves writing; it’s allowing me to open up–you know blossom like a lotus-in Bali– through the muddy waters. Yeah, some free one-to-one coaching would be a nice perk, but until then I’ll stay steadfast with the four remaining blog challenges and keep going through all of the awesome resources on The Suitcase Entrepreneur. Thank you so much!!

Also, would like to say thank you to your community and all the participants in the 10 Day Blog Challenge. It’s been fun and inspiring to read various posts, different businesses, and lifestyles. Great job to you all!


PEACE Vibes…




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