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VVG | Adventure

Day 8 Challenge: Like I said, today is a fun day. So I want you to go out and do something that you’ve wanted to do for a long time. Go out play, enjoy, and come back and write about what you did. Also, write about how you can make such adventures part of your new lifestyle.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 8.

“Life is a blank canvas, and you need to throw all the paint on it you can.”
Danny Kaye

 Meet Mr. Adventure       adv

Yes, that’s right, Mr. Adventure… The simple act of walking down the street becomes an adventure when your with this guy–Xavier. Xavier is my six-year old son. Xavier and I started our day-like most days-which is when his eyes open, he’s ready for the day. I, however have a slightly different experience when I first open my eyes and that is easing into my day. Yeah ease… You heard me… I’d choose easy like Sunday morning, every day if I could. But like I said with this guy…

The Minimalist Hoarder

Today, I woke up with energy. I took advantage of this energy and completed a task I’ve allowed procrastination to handle, going on several months now. I am a minimalist and I hate clutter; however, one look into spare bedroom and you would have signed me up for Extreme Hoarders. I started several months ago an attempt to sort through photographs and file them by time periods. Once sorted into proper categories, I would attempt to place them in proper photo albums.

Several years ago, my parents lost their entire home, due to a hurricane and a rare occurrence which caused the water to recede its’ banks by 14 feet. The home appeared to have experienced the damage of a powerful tidal wave. Due to this flood, a lot was lost including photographs. There were some photos that were salvaged miraculously and that’s how they ended up as one huge pile.

Transparent Putty Project

I finally have them all sorted and after I had completed the task hours later, Xavier and I went to purchase several bottles of clear glue. Xavier’s intended project is to show his two friends how to make transparent putty. When we got home, Xavier went to tell his friends he purchased the glue for them to make the putty. The putty project went quickly and they were all happy with their creations and I was happy nobody was wearing it; so it was on to the next project.

But Wait There’s More…

The next project involved mixing plaster in a huge bucket and pouring it into molds. After it hardens-the shape gets painted. Good luck with trying to harden clay with three boys around. Two of the molds hardened, the other was cracked into a million pieces. The finished project: two bejeweled stepping stones. It’s always funny to see boys out painting floral stepping stones with bright, shiny added jewels.

After running around and using the floral stepping stones as Captain America shields, it was time to play Minecraft. They played Minecraft for about an hour and the adventure didn’t end there. Two of the girls next door were leaving and invited Xavier to go to Party City to purchase Halloween items and wouldn’t you know Xavier comes home with a proper Captain America shield.

Never an Ordinary Day with Mr. Adventure

This is just an average day of adventure without having any proper plans in place. Adventure to me encompasses the spirit and no matter what the task, if it’s done with vigor, enjoyment, excitement, laughter, creativity, play, loving gratitude; it constitutes being an adventurous spirit. Yes, even sorting through old photographs can be adventurous-it just took me several months to figure it out.







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